RPM-increaser 40%


Made of 304 stainless steel

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Looking for a way to speed up work?

Then our RPM increaser can be a great help along the way!

With this sleeve, you increase the speed of your machine by as much as 40%.

Where the frequency is 50 Hertz, such as in Europe, Australia etc. the RPM accelerates from 90 RPM to 125 RPM.

Where the frequency is 60 Hertz, such as in the USA, Korea etc. the RPM increases to 150 RPM.

Important to remember:

This is not an original part for your machine.

Increasing the RPM of your machine could potentially affect any manufacturer warranties.

Due to variations in the diameter of the motor shaft, a tube of cyanoacrylate is also included in the package. This can be used to fill in any gaps between the sleeve and shaft.

Comes with a matching Allen key included in the package.

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