Rock-hard felt wheel 200mm (T4)


Made of Australian merino wool



Slipakniven’s 200 mm rock hard felt wheel is an advanced honing wheel with optimal density.

Effective for removing the burr on all types of steel knives.

Thanks to its optimal density it is still somewhat compressible, which creates a strong, micro-convex edge with higher sharpness that lasts longer.

Felt with diamonds is unique in that it removes the root of the burr. This is where the felt works the best and only felt can do this de-rooting job. We are not aware of any other method that can remove the root of the burr to the clean metal not dulling the edge apex. De-rooting the burr takes the edge to the clean steel – you get the edge clean of all the metal deformed during grinding. This edge has improved retention and stays sharp times longer.

When mounting on the “honing-side”, the following is needed:

1 x Adapter for 2 wheels; Short version

1 x Adjusting nut/thumb nut

Mounting on the main side can be implemented straight out of the box.


Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg


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