Facet spacer for FVB (Blue)


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With a freshly developed blue FVB, we have of course also developed an associated blue facet spacer.

With the facet spacer, you can quickly and smoothly raise the angle without having to make additional measurements.

The 250mm rock hard felt wheel is to be used at a slightly higher angle to remove the root of the burr. The facet spacer saves time and streamlines the entire process.

You also don’t run the risk of rounding off the edge due to the angle being set too high. No tools are needed for assembly. Loosen the screws that clamp the support bar, lift the support bar a little, and slide in the facet spacer. Done! On machine model T-8, it raises the angle by about 0.8 degrees On machine model T-4, it raises the angle by about 1.2 degrees.

Made in Aluminium.

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Weight 0.15 kg


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