Cleaning stick for CBN wheels


Natural rubber

100 x 20 x 20 mm

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The ultimate cleaning accessory for your wheels and its CBN crystals.

Effective and very gentle to use. Made entirely of natural rubber.

Removes anything unwanted that may settle on the crystals over time – particles, dust, rust deposits from knives and other tools, glue, and more.

Restores its splendor and ensures efficiency.

No brushes and strong detergents are needed.

Used as follows:

1. Mount the wheel on the machine.

2. Start the machine with the wheel rotating away from you. This is best done dry so no water is needed.

3. Place the cleaning stick against the surface with the electroplated CBN crystals while the wheel is rotating.

4. Move the cleaning stick sideways, back and forth across the entire width of the wheel. Do this for 10-15 seconds.

5. Don’t forget the electroplated CBN crystals on the sides of the wheel – the cleaning stick works great here too.

6. Then it was done! Now it’s just a matter of enjoying the shine and the effectiveness of the CBN crystals.

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