Chromium-oxide kit




Finally – A complete kit to put the finishing touches on your gear!

Specially designed to be used with our smooth 250mm leather honing wheel.

Both strengthen the edge and increase sharpness further.

Easily mixed together into a paste and then applied to the leather honing wheel.

Chromium oxide has been used since time immemorial to process the edges of various types of tools. Today, it is possible to find chromium oxide-based products in all its forms and variants – wax sticks, ready-made pastes, etc.

The problem with these, and the biggest common denominator, is that almost all unfortunately also contain high levels of aluminum oxide or other types of conventional abrasives.

And that’s where our product stands out – it’s simply free of things we don’t want!

This kit includes:

Pure chromium oxide 99.9% – 1 tube
Artist grade purified linseed oil – 1 vial
Diamond paste 0.25 micron – 1 jar
Mixing cup – 1 pc
Blender stick – 1 pc
Nitrile glove – 1 pc

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