CBN wheel 400 grit 250 mm



1,5 mm radius edge

Abrasive: Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN)

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Our Round Edge #400 CBN wheel.

Designed with 1,5 mm radius on the corners, and the wheel is dead-flat between its radiused edges, so that the vast majority of regular “straight” knives can be sharpened on them as well, making them the most versatile in knife sharpening.

We’ve experimented with round-edge CBN wheels made to order, to find out the minimal wheel edge radius that works well for sharpening curved blades.

For sharpening concave and recurve (S-edge) blades, you will need two Round Edge CBN Wheels: bevel on #400, and set edge on #1000.

We do not use coarser Round Edge CBN Wheels, because the higher pressure per point on the corners makes coarser wheels less suitable for sharpening concavities in curved knives.

It is also perfectly possible to grind on the side of the wheel if a completely flat grinding phase is desired.

Our CBN wheels can be run with common running water from your house or workshop tap thanks to the special embedding technology. Note that if you run CBN wheels of other makers with water, the CBN coating may detach from their wheel base.


Cubic boron nitride (CBN) properties include extreme hardness, stability under heat, and superior chemical resistance.

Cubic boron nitride is the second-hardest known material on the planet (after diamonds), but has higher heat and impact resistance than diamonds, and therefore CBN is preferred over diamond in industrial applications

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