200 mm Smooth leather honing wheel (T4)


Diameter: 200 mm

Width: 34 mm

Bore: 12 mm


200 mm leather honing wheel of very high quality.

This honing wheel has the smooth side of the leather facing out, which makes it particularly suitable for final polishing/clean up.

Specially designed to be used  with our adapter for 2 wheels – short version.

In terms of size, the honing wheel is precision machined from a solid block and therefore very close to our 200 mm CBN wheels in size (200mm +/-0.2mm).

We get better sharpness when a honing wheel has diameter close to the grinding wheel, as better matching the profile of the ground edge. Even if the grinding and honing angles are matched perfectly, a smaller honing wheel will not cover the full height of the bevels ground on the larger wheel – only parts of the bevel will be honed. This is not as obvious at higher edge angles like 15-20 dps, as at lower angles of 13-10 dps.

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Weight 1 kg


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