200 mm Leather honing wheel (T4)


Diameter: 200mm

Width: 34 mm

Bore: 12 mm


200 mm Leather honing wheel of very high quality.

In terms of size, the wheel is precision machined from a solid block and therefore is very close to our 200 mm CBN wheels in size (200mm +/-0.3mm).

Has the rough surface of the leather outwards and is suitable for removing burr as well as for fine polishing metals and ceramics.

The leather needs to be impregnated with honing wheel oil and prepared with optional diamond paste before use.

Designed to be used with our adapter for 2 wheels – short version.

We get better sharpness when a honing wheel has diameter close to the grinding wheel, as better matching the profile of the ground edge. Even if the grinding and honing angles are matched perfectly, a smaller honing wheel will not cover the full height of the bevels ground on the larger wheel – only parts of the bevel will be honed. This is not as obvious at higher edge angles like 15-20 dps, as at lower angles of 13-10 dps.

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Weight 1 kg


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